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Painter of the In-Between

"The Chalk Hill Artist Residency is on the Warnecke Ranch, 81 acres of land on the Russian River, growing several varietals of grapes for various winemakers in the region. I lived in a 1890s farmhouse - filled with art books! - and painted in a former goat barn, converted into a large studio. I kept a sketchbook and rediscovered the immediacy of watercolors, which I haven't used in years. It was fun to do quick sketches inspired by the beautiful locale and wonderful September light. As you can see, I was still able to find buildings to paint, despite being in a rural setting. I went through the whole gamut of weather - from record-breaking heat (so glad to have the Russian River handy to go jump into!) to chilly rain and gloomy clouds to crisp morning air and golden autumnal light. This culminated in the first leaf of fall (or so I like to think), right on the fall solstice! I can tell that the light and colors of this beautiful place affected the light and colors in my new oil paintings - to good effect, I think! I'm delighted to have had this wonderful opportunity." -Christine Rasmussen

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