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Our Partnerships

Chalk Hill Artist Residency is proud to collaborate with creative institutions and community nonprofits to fulfill our mission of providing time and space at Warnecke Ranch and Vineyard where abled and disabled artists are valued, thriving, and represent the diverse world in which we live. 

Community Partnerships

Our community partnerships allow us to work closely with organizations that support artists with disabilities to participate in studio days at the residency.


Studio days bring together our current artist in residence and artists who participate in these programs to spend an afternoon in the studio. This creates a space where artists across a spectrum of ability are able to create authentic connection through art, celebrate individual ways of artistic expression, and foster creativity between one another. Since 2010, the studio program has proven to be nationally recognized and has been enthusiastically received by participants.

Another important partnership is with Creativity Explored, Creative Growth, and NIAD (Nurturing Independence Through Artistic Development). This collaboration brings teachers from these community programs to spend a week at the residency to work on their various artistic endeavors. In the future, we hope to develop a program where the Creativity Explored,  Creative Growth, and NIAD clients would stay at the residency for a week. 

Teaching Artists & Art University Alumni

We also partner with creative institutions to host alumni and teaching artists. Chalk Hill Artist Residency works directly with various colleges to dedicate time and space at Warnecke Ranch to further their art practices. Berklee College of Music and San Francisco Art Institute are annually invited to choose alumni and teachers to participate in our residency program. 

Learn More About Our Partnerships:


BI realizes that creative expression is an integral part of the human experience. The BI Professional Art Program fulfills this commitment to exploring and developing personal creativity by providing artists with inspiration, instruction, encouragement, and opportunities for exhibitions and sales.

Creativity Explored

Creativity Explored is committed to supporting people with developmental disabilities in their quest to become working artists, and to promoting their work as an emerging and increasingly important contribution to the contemporary art world.

NIAD Art Center

NIAD provides professional guidance for clients, imparting both artistic and independent living skills. They proffer a way for adults with disabilities to explore creativity, acquire new skills, and earn money from selling art. NIAD offers talented and skilled staff with connections in the contemporary art world. 

The Wellness and Advocacy Center

The Wellness and Advocacy Center is a program  of the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Mental Health Division. The center offers a wide range of services, including peer support and a Career & Computer Lab, through free memberships.

Creative Growth

Creative Growth Art Center is a non-profit based in Oakland, California that serves artists with disabilities by providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition, and representation.

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music is the world’s preeminent college for the study of music, where students experience all aspects of the music industry through an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Photos of Our Partnerships

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