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Chalk Hill Artist Residency Videos

Dyeing Flora Title Image.jpg

Dyeing Flora: Virtual Presentation and Q&A with Fiber Artist Sheng Lor

Sheng Lor is a Hmong-American artist based in San Francisco, CA. Her process-driven practice combines thread, natural dyes, and visual language to explore new narratives through cloth. She came to Chalk Hill to embark on a new body of work Dyeing Flora, which she began by foraging local flora for dyes during her stay at the residency. This project is an inquiry into the impact of textile production on communities and the environment, by looking at the reverse; how the environment impacts the textile process.

During this live Zoom program Sheng Lor takes about her current project and her time at Chalk Hill Artist Residency, as well the broader scope of her work, and inspirations. Her presentation is followed by a short audience Q&A facilitated by Chalk Hill Program Coordinator Laura Leipzig.



All Species Parade at Warnecke Ranch

film by Conrad Smart 


The All Species Parade, at Warnecke Ranch & Vineyard, October 12, 2014. Thanks to the Hubbub Club, Trompin' Manikins, David Bacigalupi, the artists of Becoming Independent, the artists of NAMI Sonoma County, and  Chalk Hill Artist Residency.


Project X

directed by Laura Poitras & Henrik Moltke

A top-secret handbook takes viewers on an undercover journey to Titanpointe, the site of a hidden partnership. Narrated by Rami Malek and Michelle Williams, and based on classified NSA documents, Project X reveals the inner workings of a windowless skyscraper in downtown Manhattan. The Intercept published Ryan Gallagher and Moltke’s complementary story entitled, “Titanpointe: The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight,” which reveals the location of NSA’s NYC surveillance hub and delves into the history of the structure, the man who designed it, the late John Carl Warnecke, and the secret NSA program run out of the building, called “Titanpointe." Interview with Henrik Moltke & Laura Poitras.


Grateful Dead

film by Robert Nelson

In 1968, a 7-minute film featuring the Grateful Dead was released, directed by Robert Nelson. Unimaginatively titled Grateful Dead, it featured music from the first album, carefully synced to footage of the band playing, canoeing and goofing around in an idyllic rural setting. This was no home movie--Nelson was a professional, if 'underground' filmmaker, the music was properly mixed and the whole enterprise was probably financed by Warner Brothers as a promotional exercise.The footage was shot around late May 1967, at the family ranch of a friend of the band, John Carl Warnecke Jr. The Grateful Dead spent a week or two rehearsing, looning around and generally enjoying the area. The songs included are Sitting on Top of the World, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Cold Rain and Snow, and something that might be Viola Lee Blues. 


Summer Solstice

film by Hersley Casero & Toulla Mavromati 

The 'Summer Solstice' Art Exhibition was a culmination of Casero's works created during his three weeks in the Chalk Hill Artist Residency program. The desire to honor these humble subjects was inspired by the dramatic, million-year-old geological history of how the Warnecke Ranch was formed after an epic cataclysmic change in the direction of what is now known as the ‘Russian River.’ However, the surreal, dream-like touch to these images was kindled by Founder Margo's charming and nostalgic tales from her childhood days spent collecting her favorite “wishing rocks." 



film by Hersley Casero & Toulla Mavromatti 

Pronoia is based on a personal experience that Casero had during his artist residency, casting his wish into the misty unknown one chilly morning from the golden summer shores of a Warnecke Ranch lake. The subtle speckles of light in this piece, entitled 'Pronoia', mirror the constellations that adorn the California sky by night, after all, aren't all little rocks made of stardust?


Beautiful Home

visuals by CK Itamura

Clothesline Revival is all about exploring new frontiers in Americana roots music. From the imagination and inspiration of Conrad Praetzel, They Came from Somewhere is a collection of original instrumentals, ranging from lazy blues ballads to rumpus steam-powered jigs, that combine rough hewn beats, emotionally charged atmospherics and roots instrumentation. Featuring Praetzel (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, keyboards), blues legend Charlie Musselwhite (harmonica), Robert Powell (lap and pedal steel guitars), and Chris Rovetti (fiddle), They Came From Somewhere is Praetzel's first collection of all original compositions in over ten years. The first two Clothesline Revival CDs, Of My Native Land and Long Gone, received critical acclaim and were celebrated on syndicated NPR. Music video filmed at Warnecke Ranch.


Confluence Trailer

starring Anne Faith Nicholls

A short film and exploration of the creative process. Directed by Jacob Arden McClure, produced by Arden Projects, starring Anne Faith Nicholls, cinematography by Michael Edo Keane, shot on location at Chalk Hill Artist Residency, coming soon.


Casey Gray Paints a Pear

video by Shaun Roberts

Chalk Hill Artist Residency alumni Casey Gray working in his San Francisco studio.


Gathering Images

by Holly Friesen

Chalk Hill Artist Residency alumni Holly Friesen finds inspiration at Warnecke Ranch. She explains what inspires her work as a landscape painter.


by The Sandwitches

Directed by Brian Lee Hughes

DP- James Wall

Editor- Jacinto Asitazaran 

Audio Recorded by John Dwyer

The Sandwitches are Heidi Alexander, Grace Cooper, Roxy Brodeur

Mixed by Donny Newenhouse at Center of the Mile studio EMPTY CELLAR RECORDS ©2011


October 9

by Choco Taco & G-Dubious

Music and video made by G-Dubious and Choco Taco, aka Gerald Wheeler. Gerald Wheeler is an instructor at Becoming Independent and a Chalk Hill Artist Residency partner. His childhood home burned in the fire at Coffee Park, where he grew up. This video was filmed in the aftermath of the 2017 Tubbs fires and is a story of survival and strength. 


Anything for a Good Time

by Bob Best

This stop motion animation was created at Becoming Independent by Bob Best, Chalk Hill Artist Residency Alumni. Becoming Independent is the largest and strongest resource for people with developmental disabilities in the North Bay, California. Our purpose is: Elevating human abilities for the mutual benefit of our community. 


Campfire Twist Bread

by Matt & Julie Walker

A recipe video of campfire twist bread featured in Kinfolk Magazine filmed at Chalk Hill Artist Residency. The recipe is by Nikole Herriott ( and Tara O'Brady ( The film is produced by Matt and Julie Walker of Tiger in a Jar (, a film production company based in Salt Lake City, UT. The music is copyright-protected by Balmorhea (, a minimalist instrumental ensemble based in Austin, TX. The song is titled "Bowspirit".


Time-lapse Painting

by Jason Avery Kelch

Time-lapse painting video by Jason Avery Kelch filmed during his residency at Chalk Hill Artist Residency.


Russian River Opera pt. I

by Hugh Livingston

In June 2014, Hugh presented his large-scale 5-act River Opera at Warnecke Ranch & Vineyards in Healdsburg. Following the curving intersection of Brooks Creek and the River, the Opera moves from glade to glade, using natural features to define the stage.


Russian River Opera pt. II

by Hugh Livingston

Multiple musicians are spread throughout the space, as well as sound and sculptural installations that reflect on the sonic and visual qualities of the River.

The official list of the stellar performers:
Percussion- thingamajigs: Dylan Bolles, Edward Schocker and Joe Kelner
Voices- Ben DeShazo-Couchot, Christa Durand, Daniella Caveney, Jesus Contreras, Marc Rudlin, Megan Stetson, Rachel Deatherage, Rachel Walters Steiner
Instruments- Annie Cilley, Peter Bonos, Travis Hendrix



by Klea McKenna

Artist Klea McKenna spent the month of July 2013 making cyanotypes, exposed by sunlight, at Chalk Hill Artist Residency in Sonoma County, California. This short film is her own documentation of her time there. You can see more of her work at and

Music by Eric Kuhn.


Life Goes On

by Deborah Crooks

Nature, the great pacifier: The first week of California's shelter in place coincided with the tail end of Deborah Crooks' Chalk Hill Songwriting Residency.  Deborah Crooks heard a lot of bird songs during her stay, which she had drummer/producer Mike Stevens turn into loops and beats.  She used part of her shelter in place time working on music inspired by these bird songs.  "Life Goes On" (demo) Deborah Crooks, words & vocals Kwame Copeland, acoustic guitar Mike Stevens, found sound/bird song loop.


Wasted Hours

by Ayla Nereo

Music video of "Wasted Hours" by Ayla Nereo was filmed during her residency at Chalk Hill Artist Residency. Stop-frame animations by Ayla Nereo. Live photography by Lalo Porto.


Containers for the Self Fashion Show

video by Jane Gilmor

Containers for the Self project by Jane Gilmor in collaboration with Becoming Independent and Alchemia artists. Chalk Hill Artist Residency project July 2018.


The Performance That Caused My Breakdown 

by Cincinnatus Hibbard

In March of 2019, multi-media Artist Hamlet Mateo invited three other artists to participate in the staged exposition of work completed during his Chalk Hill Artist Residency. The musician Dean Tisthammer. The installation coordinator and artist Beth Rose Hibbard Tisthammer, and the author and performer Cincinnatus Hibbard. Under the guidance of Mateo, the four would create a piece that combined drawing, sculpture, installation, music, fashion, theater, and dance. Their resulting collaboration with Hamlet was staged at Chalk Hill Artist Residency in May of 2019. 


Thread the Needle 

video by Lee Lehrman & performance by Mark Growden

Thread Needle is a traditional song passed down from Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island singers. Mark Growden learned the song from his mentor. Mark was in residence at the Chalk Hill Artist Residency, where he led an enthusiastic group in song, dance, and performed recent works, some of which were inspired by the peaceful setting of the residency ranch. Mark is a singer, writer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, visual artist, workshop leader, and the founder and artistic director of The Calling All Choir. He has devoted his life to making music for other people and to help other people make music for themselves. He leads community sings and singing workshops across the country.

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