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Winter Open Studio!

A big thanks to all the attendees for coming out to our Open Studio! It wouldn’t have been the same without all of you.

After many days of rain, we all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Chalk Hill Artist Residency!

We were amazed by the stunning sound and video installation by media artists, Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo. An intersection of sound, light and movement: EGGSHELL, an intimate installation where micro-projectors beam figurative video into eggshells, the translucent quality allowing the mapped images to be visible on both sides of the shell. The fragile objects are framed by a chaotic background of color, textures and stop-motion animation.

Also part of the Open Studio were the paintings and watercolors from our first 2019 resident artist Julianne Jones AKA Jules. Jules works with a range of mixed media: collage on paper, watercolor, ink, and pen on collage on repurposed canvas, etc. The variety of stimulating textures in combination with her bold and vibrant colors makes Jules work exceptional.

Singer/Songwriter Lea Walloschke from Berlin delighted us performing 5 songs that she composed and recorded while in residency. Using nature sounds as her primary medium in combination with her beautiful voice and the visual effects of Ranch photos also taken by her.

Thank you artists and art lovers for your continuing support and choosing to be part of our Residency Program!

Can't wait to see everyone soon at the next Open Studio at the Ranch!

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