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Fall 2018 Open Studio!

A big thanks to everyone for coming out and making our Open Studio such a huge success despite the smoke! We had so much fun!

We enjoyed Mariel Bayona's sculpture, tiles and detailed drawings based on mystical animal hybrids and elements of Mexican folklore and folk art.

Magnificent Installations from Californian artist C.K. Itamura: s+oryprobl=m is a series of projects that center on problematic contemporary issues distilled into storyproblem formats, which are resolved through processes which include elements of research, intentional field trips and the ritual creation of visual elements which evolve over several months or years in multiple locations.

Beautiful oil and watercolor paintings, made by Kansas City Artist Gloria Gale, inspired by the Summer beauty of the ranch.

Thanks also to our Berlin based musical Artist Lea Walloschke for composing and recording while in residency the 5 songs played in our gallery throughout the day. Great Ranch photos taken by her, were also shown.

Can't wait to see everyone again at the next Open Studio on the Ranch!

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