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Containers for the Self: A Fashion Show, Parade & Time Capsule!

Last Friday, after our first workshop, we had a Fashion Show, a Parade and Time Capsule! These activities were part of an investigation of the creative process with Resident Artist Jane Gilmor in collaboration with the following artists from Becoming Independent and Alchemia.

Ed Arnone (Mandala), Bob Best, Oma Lee Bridges (Earth Mama), Saul Jimenez,

Travis Kenzey, Mark Thomas, Mark Mueller (Jelly Fish Mark)

With special thanks to Jessica Bratcher, Tracy Cotton-Hayes, and Julie Tomlinson

Artists Molly Galt and Jesse Ibarra

Special thanks to Liz Jahren, Lupita Alvarez Chavez and Strawberry Fossgreen

Special Thanks to Founder Margo Warnecke Merck and Program Director Stephani Sanchez at Warnecke Ranch, and to our photographers and videographers Ann Sakaguchi and Kirsten Simonsen. We all had a great time! Everyone wore their unique costumes. During the parade we danced and played music. Then we buried our time capsule, that we will open in 5 years!The journey could not end without our favorite chocolate chip cookies, followed by a picnic lunch.

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