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To Create Containers for the Self!

On July 10, 2018, we had the first of two workshops led by our current Artist in residence Jane Gilmor. During our workshop, artists from BI and Alchemia came to the ranch to collaborate with Jane on her residency proposal: To create containers for the self.

Using found and recyclable materials Jane had pre-constructed the beginnings of some “containers” for the human body (wearable art). Then the artists from BI and Alchemia took over -- selecting sections and determining ways to make each container their own, adding found materials and painting patterns. The idea was that these containers on our exterior might signify one aspect of our inner, imaginative selves.

We thought about the cycle of creativity: inspiration-incubation-action.

We looked at work by the Dada performance artists of the 1920’s as well are contemporary Haute Couture designers and artists who work with the human form.

We also thought about the cyclical nature of time: present becomes past /past becomes present.

We decided to have a fashion show here on Warnecke Chalk Hill Ranch, followed by a circular Parade of our Containers with flags and spontaneous music and singing.

Then we will bury a TIME CAPSULE next week - documenting our process and our final experience.

The invited artists worked imaginatively with different materials expressing themselves on these wearable structures that will be used next week at a PARADE that will be filmed and shown at our next Open Studio (Sunday, August 12, 2018, 1-4pm).

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