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May Open Studio

We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended to our May Open Studio last Saturday.A special thank you to all the artists who participated. We cannot express our appreciation enough!

“The Nature of Notation": an outdoor performance based on a series of interactive workshops on the history of graphic notation and the inclusion of natural sounds from the Ranch into contemporary art works. We enjoyed the "high-brow" academic composition, and in-the-moment spontaneity from this group of dynamic artists.

Artist Katherine Whitlock, who came up from LA to meet the attendees. She delighted us with 18 of her gouache studies of California flora & fauna and her extraordinary illustrated Map of the Warnecke Ranch. The map was made during her residency, and includes 21 different structures and local wildlife. She gave everyone great ranch memories, immortalized in the greenest time of the year.

Karen Hackenberg, could not be with us, but everyone had the chance to see her very cool slide show, which included previous work, photos taken while in residence, and her time-lapse video of her freehand iPad drawing series BATMAN & ROBIN AT AFTERNOON TEA (work in progress).

Enrique & Nate from Berklee College of Music, did a multimedia presentation in our new gallery space. Enrique’s interactive presentation highlighted the importance of a musical producer for an artist. Nate’s photo presentation attached, ”Earth, Guilt, Death” led us to a deep reflection about our own existence.

He used photos taken from the residency house.

Thank you all for your continued support of the arts. We look forward to seeing you at our next event

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