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2nd Workshop with BI & Thingamajigs!

The Artistic director of Thingamajigs, Dylan Bolles, is guiding our BI artists to create a series of graphical music scores that will be performed at our upcoming Open Studio on May 19, 2018, from 1-4pm!

This session was the 2nd of three workshops which was spent listening to nature's sounds and interpreting them for each other. We started our day with a visit from our current artist in residence Karen Hackenberg, who showed us a time-lapse video of her new Batman and Robin series, that motivated everyone to transcend borders and use technology to create anywhere, as she is currently doing with her preliminary sketches on her iPad.

Dylan's session was an experimental laboratory for trying out new ideas and seeing what works best. We used different materials, to put onto paper the inspiration that Mother Nature gave us. We listened to all kinds of sounds including, ducks, crickets, woodpeckers, breeze, etc...

Sharing and learning creates an atmosphere of peer-to-peer exchange that leads to impromptu collaborations and new work.

As always, we have so much fun during our workshops with Becoming Independent & Thingamajigs!

And of course, at the end of our workshop we all enjoyed the delicious chocolate chips cookies 🍪!

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