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1st Workshop with BI & Thingamajigs!

So excited to share with all of you the photos of our 1st workshop with Becoming Independent & Thingamajigs!

The Thingamajigs Performance Group received a grant to create a series of graphical music scores here on the Warnecke Ranch. The Artistic director of the group, Dylan Bolles, is a residency alumni. During his residency he had the chance to visit and meet the amazing artists and people in the BI group. The experience left a lasting effect on him and he is looking forward to collaborating with BI on these upcoming musical scores.

During our first workshop Dylan presented a historical overview of graphic notation, provided listening examples, and included a hands-on demonstration of how visual gestures turn into musical gestures. The concept is under development. Stay tuned... The final performance will be performed at the Open Studio on May 19! This was a great introduction for everyone to playing with sounds in a fun environment, and of course enjoying our favorite chocolate chips cookies 🍪!

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