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Berklee College of Music Faculty in Residence!

Welcome Artists Robin Ginenthal & Rosey Lee to the residency!

Robin and Rosey are spending a week at the residency during their brief break from teaching at Berklee College of Music.

They will be collaborating on a dance and composition project: Shake Your Soul: Collaborative Composition and Dance Project

In this project, Berklee professors Robin Ginenthal and Rosey Lee will collaborate in the composition of six pieces based on the six fluid actions and the basic attributes of the Shake Your Soul: The Yoga of Dance movement repertoire. These include Synovial (joints), Intercellular, Arterial (blood from the heart), Venous (blood to the heart), Lymph, and Cerebrospinal fluids. Robin brings her understanding and practice of the movement repertoire as well as the appropriate music qualities that support and enhance the experience of the dancer. Rosey brings her knowledge and experience in classical composition as well as her expertise in the music and instruments of China and Japan.

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