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Residency Testimonials

"Missing my Chalk Hill studio today, can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks already since I left. I’m both delighted and confused by what I made there, but proud of myself for pushing my work in new directions. Final count: 10 large oil pastel landscapes, 6 acrylic still life paintings, 3 small works on paper and 6 small collages on paper produced in a total of about 11 working days. My sincerest thank you to Margo Warneke-Merck, SFAI and the rest of the team at the ranch for such an incredibly rewarding experience. One I soon won’t forget"

-Casey Gray

"I felt I left a part of my heart in Chalk Hill. That place is something. Magical. I had the luxury of peace and serenity there. Something that I will surely miss about the place. And of course, you, your generosity and kindness to us. We will forever grateful to you and the Chalk Hill family for embracing us there. It was a whirlwind of incredible events. Like a dream. Purely Bliss."

-Hersley Casero, multidisciplinary visual artist

"There is no doubt that Chalk Hill is a wonderful environment for creative work.  And as the season allowed, our work benefitted from the inspiring surroundings.“

-Megan Roberts, composer and media artist


"I will remember my residency at Chalk Hill always. It will continue to inform and inspire my work. The landscape was mesmerizing, it really was inspirational. That was the most inspirational place that I painted."

-LC Armstrong, painter and sculptor


"Chalk Hill Artist Residency was my heaven. I have never felt so confident in my creative mind and I wholeheartedly believe that every minute spent there was cleansing me from my life in the city. I felt on top of the world to be gifted the time and space to work out new and old ideas. The vineyards, the river, and the surrounding hills compelled to try push my boundaries and to move outside of my comfort zone. I would give Chalk Hill Artist Residency the highest ranking for a creative experience. It was a place that will stay with me forever, and for that, I am eternally grateful."

-Kristina Quinones, painter


"An open landscape, on a bucolic vineyard setting, sits a studio and personal cottage for ideal working conditions. My residency at Chalk Hill benefitted from this rural environment and I know this historic property will give a lot to its artists. My airy and generously large workspace was optimal for oil painting and large canvases. I was thankful for the program director's warm and neighborly care as I worked on new projects and hiked on their property. I would recommend it for anyone and look forward to applying again myself."

-Ron Nadarski, painter


"Never in my life have I had ever had an opportunity to be completely focused on my creative expression! The Chalk Hill Artist Residency gave me this. It is a treasure. The property is absolutely stunning. The studio is spacious and naturally lit. The little ranch house is charming! I will be coming back for a second residency."

-Monique Lazard, painter 


"Chalk Hill Residency is a jewel. As a Plein-Air, landscape painter, the expansive property offered a myriad of places to paint – from vineyards to mountains to cliffs and the banks of the Russian River. The studio was a great place to keep supplies and rest in the shade. The residence house is rustic, charming, and art-filled. The directors, Alice and Margo, are warm and welcoming artists and enthusiasts, and excellent stewards of their family property. I highly recommend the program and the location."

-Linda Rosso, painter 


"I thoroughly enjoyed my month at Chalk Hill. Applying artists should know that it is a relatively solitary experience (compared to other residencies), but that was perfect for me and really gave me the time to tune-in to my own process and work for long quiet days. I took breaks to take walks and dip in the river. It’s a beautiful location and the house has tons of character and history which I found inspiring."

-Klea McKenna, visual artist

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