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The Itinerant Portraitist 2011-2021

Brooklyn-based artist Brenda Zlamany will be exhibiting a large selection of work from her ongoing, multi-year project called The Itinerant Portraitist at the Re Institute in Millerton, NY.

Zalamany attended a residency at Chalk Hill from May 29th through June 15th 2019. Her work from her time in Sonoma County can be seen here.

"Sonoma County, with its towering redwoods and rugged Pacific coastline, is one of the world’s most recognizable wine regions and California’s top food and wine destination. Yet dealing with wildfires has become an unfortunate reality and a threat to the community, tourism, and agriculture. Chalk Hill Artist Residency is located near the area destroyed by the 2017 Tubbs Fire, one of the largest and most intense fires in the state’s history (its destructiveness was surpassed only a year later by the Camp Fire of 2018 and then again by the Kincade Fire, which ignited in 2019). During my residency there, I spoke with and painted vintners, seasonal workers, firefighters, teachers, students, tourist industry workers, politicians, construction workers, animal rescuers, and climate scientists at Pepperwood Preserve." -Brenda Zlamany

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