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Virtual Presentation: John Carl Warnecke: His Fascinating Life and Architectural Career 

Presented by Paul V. Turner, Wattis Professor of Art, Emeritus & live Q&A with Margo and Alice

Hosted by the Stanford Historical Society  

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Renovation of Federal Reserve Board Headquarters Portends a Battle Over Civic Architecture

June 16, 2020

Paul Philippe Cret’s 1937 building for the Federal Reserve Board (FRB)—the Marriner S. Eccles Building—stands as a prime example of neoclassical civic architecture along Washington D.C.’s Constitution Avenue. But the white marble building may have prompted new proposed guidelines around federal architecture, if conversations swirling in meetings of the Commission of Fine Arts are any indication.

Virtual Presentation: John Carl Warnecke: His Fascinating Life and Architectural Career

May 19, 2020

John Carl Warnecke: His Fascinating Life and Architectural Career 
Paul V. Turner, Wattis Professor of Art, Emeritus
John Carl Warnecke, class of 1941, was a Stanford football tackle who went on to become one of the most successful architects in America from the 1960s to the 1980s. This talk will explain the importance of Warnecke’s work, especially his pioneering role in the development of “Contextualism” in architecture––as seen, for example, in his work in Washington, D.C., for John F. Kennedy. Warnecke was the president’s favorite architect, and his friendship with JFK will be examined––as well as his remarkable relationship with Jacqueline Kennedy following the president’s death. Another focus of the talk will be on the important, but little-known, role that Warnecke played in the development of Stanford’s architecture after World War II.

Remembering the late Michael Sorkin

March 26, 2020

Michael Sorkin, inimitable scribe of the built environment and leading design mind, passed away in New York at age 71 last Thursday after contracting COVID-19. Survived by his wife Joan Copjec, Sorkin leaves behind an invaluable body of work.

NY Times: Michael Sorkin, 71, Dies; Saw Architecture as a Vehicle for Change

The Architects Newspaper: Moss, Mayne, Holl, and more remember the late Michael Sorkin

Chalk Hill Gallery Show: Trailer for H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, 1951

March 14, 2020

A special exhibition from the Warnecke Archives showcases a design for a trailer for H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, 1951. The exhibition includes original project designs, autobiographical excerpts, design descriptions, photos, floor plans, and job records.


Project Description


Show opens Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 1 - 4 pm

@ Chalk Hill Artist Residency

The Insanity of a State Sanctioned Style for Architecture

February 18, 2020

Earlier this week Architectural Record published a new memo calling for a redraft of the federal order “Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture,” first issued in 1962. According to Record, the new order would ensure that “the classical architectural style shall be the preferred and default style” for new and upgraded federal buildings. There would be a new “President’s Committee for the Re-Beautification of Federal Architecture.”

Lecture: John Carl Warnecke, In the Shadow of the Eternal Flame

February 12, 2020

John Carl Warnecke (1919 -­ 2010) designed one the most visited American Presidential monuments, John F. Kennedy’s Eternal Flame in Arlington National Cemetery. Given our cultural fascination with the Kennedy clan, how is it that the architect selected to honor Kennedy’s memory is himself not more prevalent in our architectural memory? Was his contextualism overshadowed by contemporary interest in the singular, isolated structures of the Modern Movement? Were his designs, in retrospect, not as contextual as they were touted to be? Or did Warnecke, like his projects, blend in, rather than stand out among his peers?

Tuesday, March 24 | 6 - 8 PM​ 

SF Center for Architecture & Design

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13427 Chalk Hill Road

 Healdsburg, CA 95448