2022 Chalk Hill Artists in Residence


Lindsey Cuenca Walker is a Filipina American contemporary artist based in Portland, Oregon. She works primarily as a painter but also makes occasional though enthusiastic forays into other media such as printmaking, ceramics, wood, and textiles. Her works explore the ideas of solitude, community, and communion with nature by creating an emotional arrangement of forms that result into still lifes or landscapes. She approaches painting as an attempt at harmony between disparate parts.

She recevied her BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2017. Lindsey has been the recipient of numerous merti-based scholarships and awards, and has exhibited regionally in Oregon, California, and nationally in Philadelphia and New York City. She is originally from Southern California and has lived and worked in Portland, Oregon since 2013.


"I was born to a culture of gold adornments on bronze skin, hand-picked cotton lightly woven and layered into full-body wraps, dresses and shawls. Ornate textiles, mesmerizing embroidery, unforgettable spice blends and a ritual of coffee ceremonies like no other."


Often referencing her her African origins, Féven's work explores eclectic perspectives on language, culture and land. She engages with topics such as divinity, black femininity, political and cultural issues, and is continually striving to find challenges that bring new meaning and understanding to her craft. She lives in Santa Rosa, CA.

Chalk Hill Artist Residency is pleased to announce the selection of our 2022 artists. We encourage you to take a moment to explore these exceptional artists by clicking on the images. We are looking forward to seeing the creative endeavors they pursue in the coming year.