"s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions" by C.K.Itamura, installed at Chalk Hill

"In the Current Era the future is increasingly considered in shorter and shorter measure — frequently in months, weeks, days, the 15-minute increments of calendaring systems, the couple of seconds it takes to pick an emoji and hit send — and only sometimes in years, rarely in decades, and almost never in centuries. This foreshortening of perceived time, made possible only in part by technological “advances”, has developed into an epidemic of time-sense myopia, which is deteriorating consideration for the future beyond “Now”. Visual art is often understood to be static. Once installed, the art is seen, the exhibition continues, the exhibition closes, art is de-installed. What would happen if the sequence changed such that once installed, art is seen, the exhibition continues with the art evolving each day through a brief intervention by the artist, the exhibition closes, and the art in its altered state is de-installed?

s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions offers a dose of time-sense hyperopia as a lease to contemplate, over time, the relationship of the present with past outcomes with which to move consciously into the future." -C.K.Itamura

Laughing His Way to the USA: How the Laughing Boy Made it to America

Contemporary artist Hersley Casero all the way from Dumaguete City, the Philippines is hoping to spread a little joy along River Road, Fulton with a head-turning mural of his iconic Laughing Boy image - the first-ever of its kind in the country.


It’s been a whirlwind three weeks for Casero - Resident Artist of Foundation University, Dumaguete - since he arrived in the United States after being accepted onto the Chalk Hill Artist Residency program at the Warnecke Ranch and Vineyard, Healdsburg. Blown away by the California landscape, in his own words; “like night and day” in comparison to his own hometown, Casero was determined to make the absolute most out of his very own American Dream. Thanks to the well-connected and well-respected Chalk Hill Artist Residency and their passion for artistic talent, Casero has managed to turn just a few short weeks in the United States into a once-in-a-lifetime “art-venture”.


The grand finale to his trip was dedicated to giving back to the community that has embraced and inspired him so generously and colorfully. On Tuesday, September 10th, Casero was hosted by Becoming Independent, a community-based service organization which aims to support people with disabilities in living meaningful and productive lives. The artist delivered a “Laughing Boy” workshop, during which the participants created their own versions of Casero’s iconic Laughing Boy image, which serves as his mascot for advocating the freedom of self-expression and celebration of individuality through the arts. Casero has taken this image and its message around the Philippines and now it has made its US debut in the heart of Fulton, California.


Going out with a bang and a bank full of California memories, Casero has also left his creative mark on River Road by collaborating with Fulton Crossing Gallery and creating an impressively monumental and colorful “Laughing Boy” mural on the front of their building. Drive on by 1200 River Road to have your day brightened up by the ever-joyful and ever-colorful Laughing Boy: Fulton edition; first in America. -Toulla Mavromati​

All Species Parade at Warnecke Ranch

The All Species Parade, at Warnecke Ranch & Vineyard, took place on October 12, 2014. Thanks to the Hubbub Club, Trompin' Manikins, David Bacigalupi, The Artists of Becoming Independent, and The Artists of NAMI Sonoma County.

October 9th Tubbs Fire | Music Video by Choco Taco & G-Dubious

Choco Taco not only raps, but also works at Becoming Independent. We, at Chalk Hill, met him through the Chalk Hill and BI partnership. This is a video he made about the Tubbs fire that took place in 2017.

1967: Grateful Dead visit the Warnecke Ranch

In May of 1967, the Grateful Dead camped on the Russian River at Warnecke Ranch and wrote their famous song "Alligator" while hallucinating alligators in the Russian River. "Alligator" was Robert Hunter's first credit with the Grateful Dead. Hunter would go on to become the band's lyricist and a longtime collaborator with Jerry Garcia. 

Painter of the In-Between

"The Chalk Hill Artist Residency is on the Warnecke Ranch, 81 acres of land on the Russian River, growing several varietals of grapes for various winemakers in the region. I lived in a 1890s farmhouse - filled with art books! - and painted in a former goat barn, converted into a large studio. I kept a sketchbook and rediscovered the immediacy of watercolors, which I haven't used in years. It was fun to do quick sketches inspired by the beautiful locale and wonderful September light. As you can see, I was still able to find buildings to paint, despite being in a rural setting. I went through the whole gamut of weather - from record-breaking heat (so glad to have the Russian River handy to go jump into!) to chilly rain and gloomy clouds to crisp morning air and golden autumnal light. This culminated in the first leaf of fall (or so I like to think), right on the fall solstice! I can tell that the light and colors of this beautiful place affected the light and colors in my new oil paintings - to good effect, I think! I'm delighted to have had this wonderful opportunity." -Christine Rasmussen

North America's Most Beautiful Arts and Music Residencies

"For many of us, creating works of art takes a certain level of inspiration and solitude — time to reflect and a surrounding environment that suits our mental well-being. This is why creative residencies are so vital. They take us out of our hot, urban apartments and out of our busy, chore-laden lives. The best residencies for many of us are situated in natural settings that are purely inspirational in and of themselves, much lass as a result of the institutions or art centers hosting us. Residencies help us feel renewed and able to dive right into our practice, removing the excess stress of everyday life. Sometimes you just have to get away to get inspired."

-Angela Mastrogiacomo, Soundfly

Show to Showcase Inspiration of Land, Sky

"[Nicholas Coley] just completed his second artist residency in Healdsburg, most recently at Chalk Hill Artist Residency...Nicholas Coley’s paintings, reminiscent of that of painter Wolf Kahn, illuminate the canvas with his identifiable palette of soft greens, yellows, purples, and oranges. Working with a 2”-4” wide brush, his strokes of oil paint are bold and confident, while sensitive at the same time. Unlike most plein air painters, he works on large canvases, from 36 on up to 72 inches, which he brings out into the field, and sets up at the point of inspiration. Dodging wind, insects and ever-changing light, he completes his painting in one sitting, usually consisting of about six hours." -The Union

15 Global Residencies That'll Make You Wish You Were an Artist

"Being an artist isn't easy. Emerging talents and established creatives are tasked with interpreting the world, drawing on personal experiences with hopes of making a lasting public impression. Sometimes that requires a change of scenery, a different perspective, or a moment alone. To that end, we looked through many exceptional artist-in-residency programs — think of them as vacations with benefits for envelope-pushing artists — and were drawn to these fifteen inspirational residencies from around the world."

-Daniel Schwartz, Fathom

Artscape: Mandeville Artist Uses Art to Interpret Everyday Life

"Luba Zygarewicz created the exhibited piece in “RE-COLLECT” last June during the Chalk Hill Artist Residency in Healdsburg, Calif. Entitled “RISORGERE,” the suspended sculpture features remnants from the 2017 Sonoma fires found in an industrial salvage yard. The individual pieces are organized and woven together to symbolize different areas of a house. Hundreds of pieces of glass – arranged from light to dark – beneath the sculpture symbolize the frailty of life and as reminders of strength and resilience." -Sarah Bonnette, Nola.com

Artist Ali Koehler An Inspiration to Others, Herself

"Ali Koehler is an artist and singer. Her paintings have earned her national honors and have been purchased for inclusion in private and corporate collections. One was selected to appear on the label of an Imagery Estate wine. Just last month, the 32-year-old Sebastopol woman was invited be an artist-in-residence at the prestigious Chalk Hill Artist Residency Program at the Warnecke Ranch in Healdsburg. Koehler is among the first developmentally disabled artists to be invited to be an Artist in Residence at the Warnecke Ranch on historic Chalk Hill. 'The great thing about Ali is that she had the self-confidence and perspective of herself as a professional artist,' said Alice Sutro, who oversees the Chalk Hill Artist Residency program and who also co-chairs the Collector's Circle for Becoming Independent." -Meg McConahey, The Press Democrat

Kinfolk Recipe: Campfire Twist Bread

Kinfolk, a Portland-based lifestyle magazine, filmed the making of their campfire twist bread here at Warnecke Ranch. This recipe video of campfire twist bread is featured in Issue 4 for Kinfolk Magazine (kinfolkmag.com). The recipe is by Nikole Herriott (herriottgrace.com/blog) and Tara O'Brady (sevenspoons.net). The film is produced by Matt and Julie Walker of Tiger in a Jar (tigerinajar.com), a film production company based in Salt Lake City, UT. The music is copyright-protected by Balmorhea (balmorheamusic.com), a minimalist instrumental ensemble based in Austin, TX. The song is titled "Bowspirit".

In the Make: Studio Visits with West Coast Artists

"We were invited by artist and Program Director Alice Warnecke to spend the night at Chalk Hill Artist Residency. This small and relatively new residency is near Healdsburg on the Warnecke Ranch and Vineyards, an impressive stretch of land that includes Russian River frontage, a lake, grassy meadows, and an 80-acre vineyard. Artists are selected to come one at a time to live in the 1920’s farmhouse and are given a studio space in a repurposed barn and are encouraged to explore the rambling property. Chalk Hill Residency also collaborates with local organizations to integrate artists with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. This is an important and personal aspect to the residency, started in honor of Alice’s uncle Roger Warnecke who has been living and painting with schizophrenia since he was 20. Before starting the residency Alice had been living in San Francisco but after graduating from CCA she decided to move to her family’s ranch and help out with the vineyards. The inspiration for Chalk Hill Residency was based on her grandfather’s vision (John Carl Warnecke), a renowned architect who had dreamed that the land would someday be a resource for architects and artists. " -Klea McKenna, In the Make

"Lightfoot" by The Sandwiches, Video Recorded at Warnecke Ranch

"Lightfoot" by The Sandwiches, a San Francisco, garage-folk band, filmed at Warnecke Ranch in a repurposed chicken coop on the Ranch!

Simple Space: A Photo Essay by Film Producers, Tiger in a Jar.

"To me, this pretty much epitomizes the beauty and calm of simplistic design, along with a few quirky touches." -Matt and Julie Walker, Tiger in a Jar

Stages of the River: A Russian River Opera

In June 2014 artist, Hugh Livingston, presented his large-scale, 5 act, River Opera in our natural amphitheatre at Warnecke Ranch & Vineyards. Following the curving intersection of Brooks Creek and the River, the Opera moves from glade to glade, using natural features to define the stage.

Hugh Livingston to be the First Artist in Residence at Chalk Hill

Hugh Livingston was invited to be the first artist in residence at the Chalk Hill Artists' Residency, in support of his collaboration with Russian Riverkeeper and to build on the substantial financial support of the Creative Work Fund. This residency enabled the completion of the gallery show at SlaughterhouseSpace in Healdsburg and the permanent Sound & Sculpture Garden installation at the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa, as well as the initial sketches of the Russian River Opera, which arrives on the Ranch's riverfront on August 10, 2013.​

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