"Stages of the River": A Russian River Opera at Chalk Hill Artist Residency

In June 2014, Hugh Livingston presented his large-scale 5-act River Opera at Warnecke Ranch & Vineyards in Healdsburg. Following the curving intersection of Brooks Creek and the River, the Opera moves from glade to glade, using natural features to define the stage. It explores the history and future of outdoor music making and creates a social-geographic experience that connects the audience with ecology and art.

Multiple musicians are spread throughout the space, as well as sound and sculptural installations that reflect on the sonic and visual qualities of the River. Official list of our stellar performers:

Percussion thingamajigs (Dylan Bolles and Edward Schocker) and Joe Kelner

Voices Ben DeShazo-Couchot, Christa Durand, Daniella Caveney, Jesus Contreras, Marc Rudlin, Megan Stetson, Rachel Deatherage, Rachel Walters Steiner

Instruments Annie Cilley, Peter Bonos, Travis Hendrix