"s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions" by C.K.Itamura, installed at Chalk Hill

"In the Current Era the future is increasingly considered in shorter and shorter measure — frequently in months, weeks, days, the 15-minute increments of calendaring systems, the couple of seconds it takes to pick an emoji and hit send — and only sometimes in years, rarely in decades, and almost never in centuries. This foreshortening of perceived time, made possible only in part by technological “advances”, has developed into an epidemic of time-sense myopia, which is deteriorating consideration for the future beyond “Now”. Visual art is often understood to be static. Once installed, the art is seen, the exhibition continues, the exhibition closes, art is de-installed. What would happen if the sequence changed such that once installed, art is seen, the exhibition continues with the art evolving each day through a brief intervention by the artist, the exhibition closes, and the art in its altered state is de-installed? s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions offers a dose of time-sense hyperopia as a lease to contemplate, over time, the relationship of the present with past outcomes with which to move consciously into the future." -C.K.Itamura