Welcome Artist Hamlet Mateo

We are excited to announce Hamlet Mateo's residency from April 25 to May 9.

"There is so much that I want to learn. For instance, I want to learn to draw better. I want to open petal by petal to the sunshine and the bees and oh would it not be lovely to be kissed by hummingbirds. Those creatures lovely to us but enemies of eachother! I want to see better. But most importantly, I want to learn to connect with people, to meet them and to like them, to scrape some of the bleakness off my back. I don't know how to end that sentence. I want to make some of my fears quiet! There is something I want to get rid of in my soul but I don't know the word for it."

Bohemian Article excerpt by Leilani Clark (Feb 2012): Originally from the Dominican Republic, Mateo and his family immigrated to the Bronx in 1987. In addition to pen and ink drawings, Mateo creates zines, live performance pieces, conceptual installations and short films, and remains interested in subverting narrratives and creating environments that challenge what is and what isn't real.


13427 Chalk Hill Road

 Healdsburg, CA 95448