Welcome Artist C.K. Itamura!

We would like to welcome autodidactic and interdisciplinary artist C.K. Itamura, who is joining us at the residency for the month of October!

"Rather than art being some sort of profession, I believe that art is a way of moving through time and space and relating to elements. Over time, I’ve come to realize that art isn’t something I need to strive for or arrive at; I’ve been inside it and it has been inside of me all along. I also believe that the purpose of visiting a museum or gallery or exhibition or performance or concert or venue or restaurant is to appreciate the work of others and to pay respect to the artists who create the visual art, dance, music, ambiance, food and drink; and that the act of being inspired – rather than being something that is gleaned from being in proximity or audience to somebody else’s observations, experiences, processes and methods – happens during the course of each of our own everyday lives. Giving some advice to a friend who going through a divorce, a surreal afternoon conversation with strangers, reflecting on relationships gone by, a humorous twisted story, a milestone anniversary, a life too short, riding an urban train, a walk around unfamiliar parts of neighborhoods, mismatched socks, the sky, fear, joy, love: these things and more are all inspirations." - C.K. ITAMURA

You can see more of her work on: Peach Farm Studio


13427 Chalk Hill Road

 Healdsburg, CA 95448