Welcome Painter Gloria Gale!

We are so excited to have Painter Gloria Gale join us on the Ranch!

"I want the environment right in my face. This works to my advantage as a landscape or ‘plein air’ painter. I paint in acrylics, outdoors, interpreting all that nature provides. In blistering sun, soggy socks, or ice bitten breath painting in plein air is a challenge - one that accompanies each and every outing. My desire is to capture a moment in time; a creative slant on the essence of place. No matter where I am, I’m looking at it with sticky eyeballs. For me it’s breathing and touching, smelling and hearing oceans of prairie grass or whistling pines. Being in nature, I urge those who eventually ponder my work to consider saving a slice. This is my mission."

-Gloria Gale

We can’t wait to see what she creates here at Chalk Hill Artist Residency!

Visit her website for more!


13427 Chalk Hill Road

 Healdsburg, CA 95448