Welcome Artists Christina Rasmussen & Kevin Tracy

We are very pleased to welcome Artists Kevin Tracy and Christine Rasmussen to the residency for the month of September. Here are descriptions of the artists in their own words:


As a painter I explore themes of place, identity, boundaries, and belonging. In the majority of my works there is no human presence. Anonymous architectural structures become the central image but streets and buildings remain vacant evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing in the viewer. I distort space, light, and distance to create an altered and sometimes unfamiliar version of a “remembered place.” A place first experienced will often appear different upon return. Because memory is changeable and fleeting, reality also becomes unreliable.


I make art for the creative freedom released by a vivid and fertile mind, inspired by materials both art and non-art related. I explore and push the limits of a material, struggling with it. The process tests my own limitations and biases. A weathered or aged quality to the work acts as a reminder to let go. Much of the work has been eroded, destroyed or lost over the course of everyday life. The work is deeply emotive. It is a personal expression that strives for uniqueness yet retains a sense of continuity.


13427 Chalk Hill Road

 Healdsburg, CA 95448